Aonic News



(Sweden, Stockholm)

Today, Aonic Group (Aonic) announced its formation as a new video gaming group aimed to be the best home for midsized studios. Aonic’s goal is to create a family of like-minded studios which want to be part of a strong group enabling each team to unfold its full potential while maintaining independent spirit, identity and creative freedom.

Aonic’s core belief is that the creativity of midsized studios has and will be the driving force in creating game innovation in our industry, but that we are in the middle of a seismic shift where scale matters more and more. Therefore, Aonic has set out to create a dedicated gaming powerhouse across devices of mobile, console/PC and VR, offering an environment for creative teams to fully unfold and studios to accelerate growth.

What separates Aonic from other gaming groups is that Aonic is not a portfolio of studios, but a balanced family of gaming enthusiasts benefitting from Aonic’s infrastructure of gametech providers, work-for hire studios and service agencies which contribute true support. As a result, each studio will profit from cross-team knowledge transfer and can tap resources of Aonic’s support platform as desired. The decentralized structure ensures to not intrude on the studios’ idea generation and creativity processes while Aonic’s platform contributes skills, tools and ideas to free up time and supercharge development and growth.

The first two firms joining Aonic Group are TutoTOONS and AddApptr. TutoTOONS is a highly successful and fast growing mobile gaming studio developing exciting and immersive games for kids and tweens with an industry recognized track record of continuous game innovation. AddApptr is a leading global mobile ad-tech company dedicated to optimizing revenue for app publishers and has experienced explosive growth and profitability since its inception.

Aonic Group will be announcing three additional studios over the coming weeks, has committed to more than $100m in investments to date and will add several additional studios to the group over the next two years.

Agnitio Capital, a games-focused investment bank, acted as exclusive financial advisor to TutoTOONS on the transaction.