N Dreams corporate image 1920x1080


Rachel Kasse/ venturebeat.com



Developer nDreams revealed its new game Synapse at today’s State of Play livestream event. The first-person shooter title combines gunplay and magical telekinetic abilities, augmented with the fast-paced gameplay nDreams has cultivated in its previous games. The game launches on PS VR2 sometime in 2023.

NDreams describes the telekinetic powers as “motion-controlled, 1:1 telekinesis.” Synapse uses the PS VR2’s updated hardware, including the haptic feedback in the controllers, eye-tracking aiming with the telekinesis and the 4K HDR display for its bizarre world. The trailer doesn’t hint at a story, so it could be a title largely focused on the combat.

James Shepherd, head of nDreams, said in a statement, “Synapse is the culmination of a decade of VR-only development. Following the success of Phantom and Fracked, we challenged ourselves to push VR gameplay to new limits using the power of PS VR2. The team have more than risen to this challenge and the result is a milestone release that sets the benchmark for our next 10 years of innovation.”

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