Aonic is a diversified video gaming group with the ambition to become the next gaming powerhouse. From the outset, Aonic was created to fill a clear gap in our industry: to build a truly supportive home for high quality, mid-sized teams.

Video gaming is one of the largest and fastest growing segments of entertainment and full of opportunities. We stay away from unproven business models or large incumbent teams – our footprint rests on proven, yet highly dynamic entrepreneurs and creative innovators. Our end goal is to craft fantastic games and ever improving services. This translates into high organic growth and superior return in invested capital.


What separates Aonic from other gaming groups is that Aonic is not a portfolio of studios, but but a platform of like-minded enthusiasts. To supercharge growth, Aonic runs a clearly defined hybrid operating model: we believe in decentral empowerment to foster creativity and drive while providing a collaborative infrastructure to unlock synergies.

Aonic’s infrastructure consists of gametech providers, work-for hire studios and service agencies which contribute true support. As a result, each studio will profit from cross-team knowledge transfer and can tap resources of Aonic’s support platform as desired.


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