Aonic, a diversified video gaming and technology group, announced today that it has formed Megabit, a new publishing arm created to support the company’s 1st and 3rd party studios. Built from the ground up, Megabit will provide world-class publishing services to Aonic’s vast portfolio of development studios, including Warren Spector’s Otherside Entertainment, Milkytea, Tiny Roar, BKOM and more. Benjie Clarke has assembled a top team from some of the industry’s most renowned and recognizable companies, Megabit will serve as an extension of Aonic’s commitment to filling a gap in the industry with a truly collaborative home for independent development studios.

“At Aonic, we are dedicated to helping our studios grow in every way possible, and in our mission to building a supportive and collaborative group for studios, it was a natural next step for us to build a publishing arm - one that that works in synergy with our studios to bring their works of art to market,“ said Paul Schempp CEO of Aonic. “Our approach to publishing offers our partners the skills and tools they need, without infringing on their creativity, resulting in a studio and publisher partnership that works hand-in-hand to bring only the best games to the market.”

Led by industry veterans, the growing publishing team at Megabit has worked on some of the world's biggest franchises such as FIFA, Payday and Tomb Raider, in addition to long running live service games such as RuneScape, Elite and CSR Racing. Megabit currently has 4 games scheduled to launch in the next 18 months, and plans to have 10 games by the end of 2026. Key titles under Megabit currently in development including Thick as Thieves from Otherside Entertainment, cozy open world adventure Lou’s Lagoon from Tiny Roar and more.

Aonic has seen tremendous growth over the past years generating nearly €100m in revenue in 2023 and with 600 employees across 7 games studios, 2 Adtech Platforms and now 1 publisher around Europe and North America. In 2023 Aonic acquired Otherside Entertainment, led by Warren Spector and Paul Neurath (Deus Ex, Thief, Ultima), nDreams, the world’s biggest VR game developer and publisher and up and coming Hamburg based cozy games developer Tiny Roar. Aonic will also focus on bringing on board 3rd party games to publish in the near future.

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More will be revealed at a later date. The games previewed have not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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About Aonic

Aonic is a diversified video gaming group with the ambition to become the next gaming powerhouse. From the outset, Aonic was created to fill a clear gap in our industry: to build a truly supportive home for high-quality, mid-sized teams.

With a focus on proven yet highly dynamic entrepreneurs and creative innovators, Aonic’s end goal is to craft fantastic games and ever-improving services that translate into high organic growth.

Aonic’s collective is not a portfolio of studios, but a platform of like-minded enthusiasts. To supercharge growth, Aonic runs a clearly defined hybrid operating model with a belief in decentral empowerment to foster creativity. Unlocking synergies between companies with this collaborative infrastructure and cross-team collaboration is a key aim.

About Megabit

Megabit is Aonic’s new publishing arm that was created to support its 1st and 3rd party studio partners. Megabit will provide world class publishing services to support incredible developers around the world. Key titles under Megabit currently in development include Warren Spector’s highly anticipated Thick as Thieves from Otherside Entertainment and the cozy open world adventure Lou’s Lagoon from Tiny Roar and more.