Bomb Bots Team Big
Kryzt Bates

Hamburg / Germany

It is nothing unusual for Swedish holding companies to buy small and large game developers in German-speaking countries – particularly often in Hamburg: InnoGames, Goodgame Studios, Bytro Labs, Fishlabs, Tivola, Playa and many other studios in the Hanseatic city report to Stockholm or Visby.

Rather rare and therefore unusual is the situation in the case of Tiny Roar GmbH, based in the Hamburg district of Eilbek, that of the previously relatively unknown Swedish company Aonic group will be taken over, as announced today.The new investor wants according to their own information “family network” from studios and agencies, which so far has included Red Games, Milky Tea, OtherSide Entertainment and the Hamburg performance marketing agency Exmox.

Tiny Roar has been around since April 2015: The UG was converted into a GmbH in early 2023.

The managing directors Robert Koch and Maurice Hagelstein now employ 12 people who work on three projects (among others Lou’s Lagoon, Into the Emberlands) work. For titles like XEL, which was published by Assemble Entertainment, Bomb Bots Arena and the new Lou’s Lagoon (Completion: end of 2024), the studio will receive almost one million euros in federal funding.

Even after the takeover, the entire creative and business process will remain in the hands of the two Tiny Roar founders Koch and Hagelstein – the marketing will be handled by the Aonic publisher Megabit. The lawyers Stephan R. Göthel (Pier 11) and Christian Rauda (Graeff Rechtsanwälte) provided advice on the transaction.