Hamburg, Germany - June 20, 2024 – Today, Megabit, the new publishing arm launched by Aonic to support the company’s first and third party video game studios, in partnership with German publisher rokaplay and developer Tiny Roar, revealed a first look at brand new gameplay for adventure-exploration game Lou’s Lagoon at the Games Baked in Germany Steam event, with a gameplay teaser trailer that showcases the game’s colorful aesthetics and tropical island vibes.

Watch the Lou’s Lagoon Gameplay Teaser Trailer here

Lou’s Lagoon combines an exciting adventure experience with life sim elements, resulting in a world teeming with escapades. In this open world adventure, intrepid explorers will traverse the lush and vibrant Limbo Archipelago in search of your Uncle Lou - who mysteriously disappeared and left you his seaplane delivery service. Adventurers, crafters, and cozy fans alike will enjoy a world full of customization and exploration in completing essential quests, mini-games, challenges, and more as players traverse their way through the Limbo Archipelago building their island delivery business.

Scour the archipelago for new resources to upgrade your gear, and master the art of flying to expand your cargo storage to keep up with the growing demands of your clientele. Uncover hidden islands, discover charming villages, and unlock valuable resources as you befriend new characters along the way, all while getting closer to the truth about your Uncle Lou’s whereabouts.

Players' creative control ensures a unique in-game experience that reflects their style and identity in creating an avatar to build, craft, traverse, and a seaplane to fly around the island with. With the help of the island's inhabitants and natural resources that players are able to harvest, Lou’s island is ripe with adventure and opportunity to create and quest.

Lou’s Lagoon is coming soon to Steam.

A Press Kit containing key art and screenshots is available here

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About Megabit

Megabit is Aonic’s new publishing arm that was created to support its 1st and 3rd party studio partners. Megabit will provide world class publishing services to support incredible developers around the world. Key titles under Megabit currently in development include Warren Spector’s highly anticipated Thick as Thieves from Otherside Entertainment and the open world adventure Lou’s Lagoon from Tiny Roar and more.

About Tiny Roar

With a passion for gaming, Tiny Roar is dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences. Established in 2015 in Hamburg, Germany, Tiny Roar strives every day to deliver fun, polished games across all platforms. Committed to fostering a supportive work environment, they approach game development as a collaboration with both players and partners on their quest to create memorable games that stand the test of time.

About rokaplay

rokaplay GmbH, based in Darmstadt, Germany, is both an indie games developer and supports other indies in realizing their dream games. Inspired by Nintendo, rokaplay offers cross-platform entertainment for all people of all ages. To them, proactive and transparent communication with their community is a crucial and indispensable part of their work.